Is The WCAG Actually enforceable?

Yes!  The ADA and other laws like Title III of the ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.0/2.1 set standards to ensure equal access to digital properties for persons with disabilities. Ignorance of these laws and lack of accessibility can result in lawsuits, with a notable rise in such cases in recent years. 

Being proactive about digital accessibility is beneficial, not just for legal compliance but also from a business perspective. It opens up access to a wider demographic, improves customer satisfaction, and enhances search engine optimization. 

If a demand letter is received indicating non-compliance, the first step should always be to assess the validity of the claims and then devise a comprehensive plan to remediate these issues. This could involve enlisting a competent third-party consultant, especially if the organization lacks the internal expertise to navigate the required accessibility standards. 

Choosing the right partner to navigate accessibility requirements is crucial. The partner should be able to identify and prioritize WCAG violations, provide training for developers and designers, and assist in creating a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), a document that demonstrates conformance with accessibility standards. 

That’s why utilizing a team that is comprised of disabled individuals like Fedora Outlier LLC to help with your accessibility audit and remediation needs just makes sense.  We have the hands on experience, life long knowledge and technology needed to perform the job quickly and correctly.

Becoming fully compliant may take time, but showing serious commitment to addressing accessibility issues, establishing a clear plan, and taking action towards remediation is essential. Regular testing and updating of VPATs is also recommended for maintaining compliance. 

Ensuring digital accessibility is everyone’s responsibility. It’s about fostering an inclusive environment where all users, regardless of their abilities or circumstances, can access and engage with digital content. Remember, when we improve accessibility, we enhance the experience for everyone.

Time is of the essence when it comes to your business, so don’t hesitate.  To have your website evaluated and / or remediated, contact us now.  We can immediately get you started on the road to being accessibility compliant.